Applique tip from Linda Roy


Wrapping up my chat with Linda Roy about Vintage Button Bouquet, I thought info about the idiosyncrasies of how Linda does things would be helpful.
      Jan: So, Linda, do you have any tips for us?
     Linda: Sure. I can tell you that I premake components for my quilt and do so whenever possible. I find it relaxing to sit and applique those already-made units. All the small circles you see on this quilt are premade on discs, with fabric cut twice the diameter of the disc so that they self-stuff. I padded the larger circles by inserting a layer of the wool batting underneath.
     If there are items to go on the quilt that don’t lend themselves to premaking, I usually use the needle-turn method. On occasion I have even needle turned straight edges instead of turning on my sewing machine to accomplish the same look with a straight pieced seam. That includes appliqueing mitered borders! I’ve also found that it is easier to get smooth edges by having the smallest seam allowance you can handle.
     Jan: Thanks for sharing with us, Linda. I look forward to seeing your next masterpiece!

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Julie B

Love that idea. I love to do handwork also and this gives me another excuse to do that and also add to the beauty of a quilt.