AndreaYou’ve made the big decision to enter an AQS Quilt Contest! What are the first steps? How do you enter?

Online entry, the only means of entering, is still open for most 2016 contests. Click HERE for the AQS Quilt Contest home page to see what those dates are, along with links to detailed 2016 rules, a list of categories and awards, and other important information.

Then you’ll be able to decide which contest(s) to enter. Watch this video from Contest Coordinator Andrea Ray and follow the step-by-step instructions. It’s easy!

We hope your quilt is juried into one of the contests!

If so, you’ll be contacted by Andrea with more information.┬á Here’s a link to Frequently Asked Questions about AQS Quilt Contests. Take a look at these videos for help with more questions you might have if your quilt is chosen to compete.

Do I need to add a hanging sleeve? Yes, you do. Here’s Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning to tell you more.

Does the sleeve need to be changed if I’ve already put it on? Find out from Terry Guill, Director of Show Operations.

How do I pack and ship my quilt?

But I don’t want to put it in a box, or it doesn’t fit. Help?

Check out Quilttv, the AQS YouTube channel, for more contestant information and many other show-related videos.

We can’t wait to see your quilt!

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