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We are very pleased that Annemart Berendse is on our list of authors. Read this short bio to get to know Annemart, then take a step in the right direction with her book, Decorate Your Shoes! Create One-of-a-Kind Footwear.

Receiving a mother-in-law who had quilting as her hobby was the greatest marriage gift in disguise Annemart Berendse could get. When, in 2001, her mother-in-law wanted to make a quilt for her, Annemart needed to select some quilt fabric in a local quilt shop. She ended up with not only the fabric for the quilt her mother-in-law would make, but also some fat quarters and no idea what to do with them. She was advised to start with a Nine Patch. Never afraid to start something new without the hindrance of knowing what to do, she began sewing that same night. And as an Eight-pointed Star looked better to her, she decided to start with that pattern. The next morning, when the first quilt lesson with her mother-in-law began, the block was finished—but not according to the rules of the quilt police. And that’s how Annemart still works: Just try and be creative, and foremost, have fun! This first attempt resulted in a passion for living for quilting and everything related to it.

Born and living in the Netherlands where quilting is not as big as in the US, Annemart’s focus went quickly to the states for inspiration, shows, and meeting American quilters. For her, quilting is her fountain of fun and creativity. Although she focuses on making all her points meet and getting 14 stitches to an inch, if there is no joy in making the quilt, for her, it’s not a quilt.

She put this same joy into the design of her own quilting shoes when going to the 2011 AQS quilt show in Paducah. All the great reactions to that pair of shoes made her decide to develop more designs and write a book, the same way she learned how to quilt: Just jump in and try, be creative, and have fun!

Contact Annemart through her website at

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This is a fun new book, perfect for inspiring creativity and smiles. I can see parties based on insights in this book, quilters that show up in spectacular shoes at Quilt Shoes, fun challenges at quilt guilds, and much, much more. This is an excellent book that everyone should check out. Love it!