What fun, tears, and drama we’ve read since Ann Hazelwood wrote her first Colebridge Community book, The Basement Quilt, in 2012. Since then, Ann walked us through the fine Missouri community whose residents seemed so familiar and so real.  We joined narrator Anne Brown Dickson in her flower shop through thick and thin, up and down, and sometimes touched on generations past.

Stories of quilts, their makers, and their owners have woven throughout the series.





The Basement Quilt

The first book in the series introduced the Colebridge Community, where Anne was learning about love and family secrets.

Potting Shed




The Potting Shed Quilt

There seems to be paranormal activity happening in the pottting shed in this normal–or is it?–community as Anne and Sam start house hunting. Or is that haunting?

Funeral Parlor



The Funeral Parlor Quilt

The third Colebridge Community series book found Anne and her quilting friends welcoming newcomers and considering some strange end-of-life uses for quilts!

Jane Austen Book Club




The Jane Austen Quilt Club

Anne enjoys the community’s Jane Austen Literary Club, and now takes part in a group that is making a Jane Austen quilt. It mysteriously disappears. Where did that quilt go?

Ghostly Main




The Ghostly Quilts on Main

In the fifth novel in the series, Anne takes on the task of helping fellow shop owners on Main Street. There’s some ghostly participation in a unique community quilt show!

Quilted Lilies




Quilted Lilies

Life changes occur, and Anne faces them with help from friends in the community. Serious challenges, big dreams, and drama are dealt with as only Anne can.

Quilted Christmas



A Colebridge Quilted Christmas

Wrapping up the Colebridge Community series is the most recent and final book in the series. Christmas is a warm and inviting, quilt-filled time of year on Main Street in Colebridge. The lives of the citizens remain bound to the community, sewn together by strands of love.


About Ann Hazelwood

AnnHazelwoodFor 19 years, Ann Hazelwood owned Patches in St. Charles, Missouri. When the business was sold to another owner, Ann moved on to enjoy writing, traveling, quilting, and gardening. She has an extensive private collection of antique red and white quilts, aprons, handkerchiefs, feed sacks, buttons, and redwork. She also collects doll quilts and wall splashers. An active member and former president of many civic organizations, she is a past president of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce. She received the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Civic award. To say she loves her home town is an understatement!

Ann is an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser and was a founding member of the Professional Association of Appraisers and Quilted Textiles. She’s the official textile appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow when they are in the St. Louis area. Ann curated her own Red and White Quilt Exhibit at The National Quilt Museum and her quilts were the inspiration for Red, White & Quilted, a book by Linda Lasco for which Ann wrote the foreword.

In addition to the Colebridge Community series above, Ann is the author of these books:

Pretty Polka Dots
365 Thoughts and Dreams for Quilters
100 Things You Need To Know If You Own A Quilt
100 Tips From Award Winning Quilters
100 Sweet Treats By and For Quilters
100 Things To Do In and Around Historic St. Charles
100 Best Kept Secrets of Missoui
100 Unique Eats and Eateries in Missouri
100 Festive Finds of Missouri
The Red Thread
The Best Breakfast Eats In Missouri

and it’s not a surprise that she is the Founder of the Wee Writers Groups in St. Charles, Missouri.

What’s the next writing project Ann has in mind? We can’t wait to read it!


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