All Aboard! Time to Make Your Way to Chattanooga!


choo chooWood burning steam engines journeyed through Chattanooga in the late 1800s. In celebration of our AQS QuiltWeek® event in Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 14-17, 2016, here’s a BIG (18″ x 100″!) free gift for you!

Enjoy this unique pieced vintage train pattern. The entire train is pictured above. Designed by Betsey Langford of AQS as a giant sofa pillow for your den, you might instead hang it on the wall of any room that calls for some old-fashioned transportation charm. Or make each car pattern on a separate pillow for extraordinary fun!

Download the complete instructions here: Click here for full pattern



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Took a look at the locomotive pattern. The dimensions are interesting. xxx by 100″ I’m hoping there is an extra ‘0’? Thanks for sharing the pattern! Can you let us know what the measurements are? Thanks.

I was just looking at an applique train in a book last night and found this pattern in my email today, so of course I’m going to make it, for my husband, who is a train buff. Thanks for the excellent detailed instructions. I’m beginning my own journey of writing patterns and know how much effort goes into precise details.

Lilly Saucier

My grandson is so into trains right now! When I saw this I knew I had to have it and make it. Can’t wait for the following patterns. Thanks again


I just finished a pillow using rain ticket fabric and a set of napkins of the left overs for a train buff friend of mine, I will make this train set for him as well as the patterns become available . Thank you for such innovation.

Joan Johnson

I made this train pattern today and noticed a few errors in the pattern. The middle section of the engine in the picture doesn’t match the directions in steps 14 and 15 in assembling the block for the middle section, so the middle section does not line up with the back unit.

Joan, we fixed the error and reloaded the corrected PDF. Everything should work well now. Thanks and let us know if you have any other problems.

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