Adding Inspiration to Your Creative Space



In part two of our Building Your Creative Space series, we want to inspire you! You can find Part One here.
It is true, your Creative Space is about creating so it’s important to have all the supplies, tools, and equipment you need, but one special ingredient you don’t want to forget is inspiration. 


Here are some ways to kindle your spark of creativity in your Creative Space:


  • Use a two page spread like a wall and create a collage of ideas that relate to a project you are planning or working on.
  • Create a page of words to add to as inspiring words come to you.



  • You know that fabric that you bought because it was love at first sight? Take it out and drape it on your design wall. How much better for it to inspire you rather than sit tucked away.
  • Collect embellishments and add them to the edges of your design wall. You never know when two unrelated items will create an entirely new idea!



  • Get some of your childhood favorites out or that keepsake from your first love and put it in your Creative Space.
  • Sprinkle the area with artifacts to stir memories and spur creativity.
  • Pick things that represent hopes and dreams, images that evoke strong emotions, maybe a pictorial representation of your bucket list!
  • Pick images that you connect to and put them everywhere. You know that drawer full of serger thread? Put a special picture in there and let it surprise you each time you open the drawer. 



  • Keep adding colors. Rearrange them for inspiration, regrouping in unexpected ways.
  • Don’t have a whole wall? Arrange your collection of colors in a line from top to bottom going down a corner or the room or along a door way. 



  • Start a rock collection with tiny rocks in a bowl. Add to it one at a time. When you are looking for an idea, run your fingers through your rocks, hold a few in your hand, arrange and rearrange them. This simple distraction will have you imagination teaming in no time!
  • Keep supplies of sticks, rocks, dried plants, and various other nature items to inspire you. Trying to come up with a design idea? Grab your sticks and start playing with patterns. Add in a hand full of rocks and see what develops.



  • No room? Write out sayings on little slips of paper or business cards and tuck them throughout your Creative Space. Want a surprise? Let someone else hide them for you. Sometimes a well placed word is a precious thing.
  • Assign a saying or quote to each project you work on. Then add it to the label. It will become part of your creations story.

Do you have an inspiring idea for your Creative Space? Share in the comments below! We’d all love to hear them.


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My design wall is foam insulation sheet – 2″ thick x 48′ wide x 96″ high. I painted both sides and sides with white paint so the color wouldn’t come thru. I put white flannel on one side of sheet and tacked down on the sides. This size if perfect – I can put my design, fabric swatches at the very top, and put finished up on board. I use the back for painting design on to fabric. The board can be put in spot permanently but it easy to move around my hobby area.