Accurate Piecing Basics from BERNINA: Cutting


cuttersWe’re privileged to pass along this illustrated tutorial from our friends at BERNINA. It’s the first in a series called Accurate Piecing Basics.

Cutting is the first step in the long process of creating a quilt and perhaps the single most important step. After all, you’re never going to accomplish beautifully pieced blocks if you start with fabric that’s the wrong size! Learn better cutting techniques in this tutorial from Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced on BERNINA’s WeAllSew blog.

Click HERE for the detailed tutorial, and become a cutting whiz!

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I really like most of your blogs and get good information. However, this one that shows rotary cutters with the blades open is not good. As a quilter for 50 years plus one of the first things I tell any new quilters is Be Sure to close the rotary cutter when it is put down, even if just for a short time. Only have it open when cutting.


I agree with Ms. Jeanne’s comment. Kids, cats and dogs are frequent visitors to the sewing room and reach for things that they do not understand. Closing the cutter is far less expensive than a trip to the emergency room, or to the emergency vet. The person using the cutter could also accidentally be cut. Is it really worth leaving the cutter open when it is not be used to cut fabric?


Come on ladys, we all know the coffee is hot.


For sure- safety first. I left my rotary cutter open once and as I shifted my fabric for the next cut, brushed against it. The cut was not deep enough for stitches thankfully. First and last time I ever did that! Please ALWAYS close your cutter when not making a cut stroke!