A Zipper Tip from Rami Kim


Rami Kim

Rami Kim demonstrates how to make a zipper unit that you can sew onto any bag! You don’t even need a zipper foot.

In Rami’s iquilt.com online course, 3  Embellished Fabric Bags, you’ll learn many more bag making secrets plus how to make three cute bags with the flair of folded-fabric embellishment. Click HERE for the course overview!

Here’s the zipper tip from Rami:




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Kathleen Charnell

How wide are the 2 pieces of fabric the zipper is sewn into? Also,what do you do with the leftover piece after you sewed this into the bag? Do you just cut it off? Thanks


in the very beginning of the video she says to start on the 4 inch side first.


Terrific technique. This is a much better way of sewing zippers into a bag than what you normally do.
Also, I appreciated the fact that she said you could use this technique to add zippers to commercial bags that you buy that come without a zipper.


Great video. I have made many bags and struggled to get a neat zipper. This is a good, easy technique. I wonder where the handles go. Definitely want to learn more and take my bags to the next level.


Very simple and great idea
Walking foot
Commercial bags
Thank you ?????


You didn’t mention hoe much of the zipper is not sewn into the fabric strip.It looked like you had quite a long piece left over. Is there some guideline for determining how long a piece to leave unsewn?


Wonderful technique! Thank you for sharing it!


What do you do with the leftover piece of zipper? Great idea! Zippers have always seemed so difficult! I feel I will try this.