Did you read “The Quilting Abides” in TQL’s February issue? It’s the sweet, sad, yet hopeful story of Betty Blankenberger. Betty was a dedicated, prolific quilter who, sadly, developed Alzheimer’s. Long story short (you need to read this one yourself to get the full impact), Betty still hand quilts tops other people have made—including vintage UFOs found and assembled by her daughter, Maureen Wysopal, who wrote the story, and small quilts for St. Jude’s hospital.

The other day, I got such a lovely letter from Maureen about the article. It made me cry. Maureen was kind enough to allow me to share parts of the letter with you. I hope it brightens your day as much as it did mine…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

“My brother Alan took a copy of the magazine and talked to Mom about the story. He emailed me ‘Mom’s first question was “Who’s book is this? We spent an hour with her and the magazine explaining the article. She remembered the picture of her mother and grandmother and playing with the doll as a little girl. She asked a lot of questions about the quilt for Everett Baylor. She read the article several times and asked who has Alzheimer’s.’ Alan told Mom that she was the one, and how the quilting helped her with the Alzheimer’s.’

I also received a note from my cousin Karen who is mentioned in the article. She wrote ‘What an awesome article about your mother and her quilting journey. It brought back so many memories and reminded me how much my mother also loved to quilt. I do quilt, but not like my mom. I have subscribed to The Quilt Life and am looking forward to the articles and patterns in it.’

Betty Hill, the lady who gives my mom the St. Jude quilts called me yesterday. She couldn’t say enough positive things about the article. Betty also said Mom told her one time that if she didn’t have quilting, she might as well die…

I hope the story has been as positive for your magazine as it has been for our family.

Thank you and many blessings.

Betty Blankenberger next to the quilt she made for Everett Baylor. Photo by Jessica Wysopal
Betty Blankenberger next to the quilt she made for Everett Baylor. Photo by Jessica Wysopal
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