A Beautiful Gift for Timberly


Renée Hanson, a dear friend of AQS employee Timberly Parker, knew that the sadness that surrounded the passing of Timberly’s mother, Barbara Dowdy Parker, would touch her deeply. Renée was certain that special fabrics would gently sooth the loss. Timberly was touched to receive the following note with a precious gift – a quilt.

Dear Timberly:

Nothing can ever replace the secure embrace of a mother’s love – certainly not a material object such as this quilt. I hope, however, that it can serve as a reminder of the comfort her presence brought you.

You, of course, will recognize the large pieces are from her robe. The chenille needed to be “tacked” in order to maintain its integrity and hold it close to the other squares. So I chose the Celtic symbol for “love eternal” to make it steadfast – much like the role your Mom served in your family.

The pink calico is from one of my old shirts. Although I wanted the quilt to be about your Mom, I prayed really hard while I was making my fabric choices, and I felt that Barb wouldn’t mind if I added a little piece of myself. She and I stayed on the phone for hours over the years discussing how much we each love you. I hope when you look at the pink, you will be reminded that as long as I am here on earth, you have a friend upon whom you can always count.

Your mother would be so proud of all your accomplishments. When you wrap this quilt around you, I hope you feel her presence drawing closer and know that her love remains near.
Merry Christmas with love,

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This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful friend.

Lynn Wakeham

Early in my quilting life, I made 4 small wall-hangings for a friend & her family, she brought me the clothes from her deceased mother/grandmother but I made the mistake of using the fabrics I liked & that were colour coordinated, using only a tiny piece of a fabric that I thought was rather ghastly. BIG MISTAKE!!! I didn’t take into acct the story behind the fabrics……that fabric I disliked, was the dress that she wore most days…..the dress that was “her” in the families minds…I learned a valuable lesson! Although chenille is not a typical quilting fabric, I’m sure… Read more »

What a lovely gesture

Barbara brown

This is such a special gift. We planned one out of a grandfathers shirts

Joyce Ward

I don’t have a picture to share but I made several pillowtops for someone from her father’s shirts. Family members had given him his favorite golf shirts over the years and pieces of them were crazy quilt pieced around a printed photo of him. I included pockets on some and logos where possible. They were received with tears of memories.


Lovely quilt, lovelier yet the sentiment behind it…. what a wonderful tribute to a dear friend.


This is what quilting is all about and to see it in action is heartwarming. Thank you Renee for passing along the purpose of this fine art and for caring like you do. You are an inspiration. My heart goes out to Timberly, as I also lost a mother this past year. Hugs go out to you!