6 Reasons to Enter a Quilt Contest


Enter your quilt in a quilt contest and you will…


1. Start taking your art seriously. Did you ever realize quilting is more than a fun time-filling hobby, quilting quickly becomes an expression of the quilter. From the very first choices, you start putting your unique mark on your quilt. Why not celebrate that mark and what makes your work uniquely yours? Your creation expresses you, it is your art.


2. Believe in your talent and strengths. It takes confidence to put your work in front of others. If this prospect has you nervous, take a deep breath and gather faith in yourself and all your hard work. Others will look on your talent and strength and be inspired, empowered. 


3. Challenge yourself. Dare yourself to get out of your comfort zone and do something bold. Take on a project you want to show to the world and show it off! Do something new and different or show off the heritage of your art, whatever engages you. Try one thing, then try another!


4. Gain new insight and grow. The feedback you get from the judges and fellow quilters will change the way you quilt, it will strengthen weak areas and open your mind to new ideas. You will grow as an artist listening to the suggestions and take on change to try new ways.


5. Add your voice to the community. Each quilt hanging in a quilt show is a voice actively speaking in the quilting conversation. Use your art to give voice to your joys and passions, to your heart aches and pain. Join the conversation. Talk to the quilters of yesterday and whisper to the quilters of tomorrow.


6. Have fun! Sometimes it’s that simple. Start on an adventure, bring a friend along, and see where the road takes you. You never know where it may lead.



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Wilma Gebhardt

I understand and appreciate all 6 reasons to enter but the main objective is having a quilt accepted for a show. In the past I have tried to enter a quilt my grandmother made for me which would have been made in approximately 1950. A beautiful Sun Bonnet Sue, great color combination and stitching (she was raised Amish). It was not accepted which puts a thread of doubt for me to enter my work. The fear of rejection before entry is greater for me than actual criticism and learning. Just making a statement, open for discussion.
Wilma Gebhardt.

Yes, I would love to participate in Quilt Contests, but I am intimidated to enter some of my quilts.
I have been quilting for 27 yrs and self taught, although I have meet some experienced quilters and all have given me good feed back. I am working on some quilt at the moment and when finished will send a picture for you to see if I can enter.

Dudu Brook