6 Fuse Applique Projects to Jump Start Your Creativity


Fuse applique quilts and projects are a fun, easy way to bring lots of variety and character to your quiltmaking. To help jump start your creativity, we’ve brought together six of our favorite fuse applique projects

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight uses all applique blocks to create a fun repeating pattern with the motif.

Penguin Play

Applique penguins on a pieced quilt create a wintry world in which the characters are free to play.

Sassy Patches

Have fun with this sassy cat. Make yours black, white, Tabby, or whatever you like! Recreate the sassy cat in your life.

AQS Member Exclusive: Dogwood Days

fuse applique quilts

Applique peaceful Dogwood blooms on a field of blue.

AQS Member Exclusive: Love Begins At Home

Originally created in wool, this design is just as charming in cotton prints.

Forest Friends

fuse applique projects

Set all these forest friends together into a playful scene full of personality.

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