5 Quilting Designs Every Beginner Should Know


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Effinger Martha

I am looking forward to learning from her video.

Barbara Luce

I am a beginner and I made two quilts, one based on the nine patch, the other was my design, so do I need to do these to make them finished or is this just to be fancy. I do, do the ditch stitch, is that enough? those designs are cool, and I would love to learn at some point. Thank You, Barb

seeking a fairly easy star quilt. Making it for grandson who wants it to be in greys and black with a bit of red for brightness. Suggestions please.

Gloria Ediger

What is the meaning of TOAR? It was in the directions of the free pattern in your mailing to get people to subscribe to the magazine and join the society.


I’m trying to learn how to FMQ and new skills for beginning/intermediate quilting.