Want to sharpen your continuous line skills? We have the perfect challenge for you – a doodle a day! Be inspired with 365 doodle prompts to keep your pen moving throughout the year. Perfect for creating fills and free motion quilting designs.

Click here or the image below and download the AQS 365 Day Doodle Challenge PDF for your personal use and enrichment. We invite you to sit down daily, pen in hand and play a little, let the word for the day inspire you. We provide the word, you provide the image. Try to doodle with a continuous line. Don’t pick up your pen. Let the drawing continue with no breaks. You can pause, but don’t disconnect the drawn line.

Play with it throughout the day. See if you can come up with a design or two you like. Some days you may have three or four designs you love. Other days won’t yield much more than practice. But that’s good too!

Let your pen take you on a journey as your mind visualizes the word. 


Want a clever way to play? Do your AQS 365 Day Doodle Challenge in your QuiltArt Planner!

Buy this year’s (only $5!!!) Pick up next year’s too!

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Want more calendar fun? Visit our blog post about quilty and clever ways to use wall calendars!

Top 10 Reasons to put a Wall Calendar in Your Studio (or Creative Space)



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Hi. For some reason, I can’t seem to download the 365 Day Doodle Challenge PDF. Would you please help me?
Thanks you.


The PDF only has 50 days of doodle themes. Is the idea to repeat several times, or are there missing pages in the PDF?


When I tried to download the 365 challenge it downloads as a jpeg and not a pdf. Thus, only one page is available. Am I doing something wrong?


Looking forward to getting more confident at my machine quilting and needing something to encourage me. This looks like the thing!

There is no way to download the PDF. Only the first 50 days show.

This sounds like a great idea. I am sometimes at a lost for fill ins or continuous line patterns for quilts or artwork.

Thank you I look forward to lots of doodling

Help I can’t download 365 days of doodling, I can only pull up the titles of the 365 designs but NO downpof the designs, please help

The PDF file for the Doodle challenge doesn’t download, only the .jpg file.


Would love a copy of the 365 doodle challenge pdf file but when I clicked in the image all I got was the Jpeg picture. What did I do wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks…


I downloaded the challenge PDF and it is 2 pages and covers day 1- 25. Is this to repeated? Not quite a month.

SusanL Parrish

Sounds Like fun and I have always loved to doodle.

SusanL Parrish

I downloaded the first 50 how do I get the PDF? Am I missing something?

Rebecca Schmitt

When I clicked on the pdf I only could see the first 50 days of doodles. Will the others be posted later, or is it supposed to have all 365 doodles in this doc?

Glenda reinert

365 day doodle

Linda Sanko

Looking forward to bettering my skills on the machine. Let the challenge begin.

Linda Sanko

Second try. Looking forward to beginning the challenge Let the fun begin.

Thank you.

Linda Sanko

Let the fun begin

Linda Sanko

what do you need???


Thank you

There is no link to a pdf, just the jpeg of 50. Can you please fix? This is a very interesting thing to turn into a New Years Resolution.


Hi there…love the idea of the 365 day doodle challenge. tried to download and it is a one page jpg file with days 1-50, not all 365…is there a pdf somewhere that has the whole thing? thanks!


The PDF for the 365 Doodle a Day only shows 50 days.

Barb Roe

I tried to download the 365 day challenge, but only got a picture of the first 50 days, with no explanation of what each word was supposed to suggest. Have I missed a link I was supposed to click on?

Roxanne Klein

I wasn’t able to get the pdf to come up – is there a link I’m missing?


I must be doing something wrong — I’m only getting the first page when I click. Is it connected?

Hi Everyone! Yes, we experienced a bit of a technical issue with the PDF link. Betsey has fixed it and now when you click on the image or the words “Click here…” and a six-page PDF should open. We apologize for the frustration and confusion. If you have any questions about this challenge, feel free to contact Betsey at betsey.langford@americanquilter.com. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the challenge! ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager


I’m excited to join this challenge! When do we start?

Sonja Schario

I’m getting a listing but no daily images. Has it started yet or am I not doing something to get the images? It sounds like a great project. Sonja


We make up our own designs based on what each word means to us?

You have to be kidding , terrible and so frustrated


Coming up with 365 words to stimulate the doodling right-side of our brains is a feat in and of itself, will definitely be participating.

Shirley S

Mine downloaded and what an exciting way to practice and design at the same time. Thank you for this.

Suma G

I am taking a beginner’s Zentangle class next weekend. This might be a fun thing to try after that.

I just downloaded the 365-day doodle. I didn’t have any problem, but then, I’m working on a desktop computer; I don’t own a cell phone. With me it will be more than a year, since I don’t have a lot of time, but looks like a good way to get in some practice. Thanks.


Good Afternoon,
I can not down load anything either for the 365 Day Doodle Challenge. ???


The only thing that I see is the listing of the 365 Days Doodle Challenge . But there is no place that shows that it can be down loaded. Where do I go to be able to down load the image?? Thanks


I can’t get anything either! Just the list of days and description, but no doodles.


I am unable to down load or open the doodle patterns, can you help me?

Hi Everyone. There seems to be some confusion on the doodle challenge. I have to admit that when I first opened Betsey’s challenge, I was expecting something different, too. After thinking about it, I like this idea even better because it gets my brain to thinking and creating. I’m not much of an artist but I have accepted the challenge and will try to come up with as many doodles as I can to go with the inspirational words. I am going to work on this and start sharing my doodles in January and I hope you all will do… Read more »

Why string us along, when there are no doodles….sorry I wasted my time. Look at all the disappointed quilters that stepped into this…..last time I visit this site. I was thinking of renewing my membership…no way !!

Christine, We are sorry you feel this way. It was never our intent to confuse anyone. Our intention was to present a challenge that would get our quilty friends thinking and creating. Some may think they can only use designs created by others and have never thought about coming up with their own. This exercise would give them a chance to grow and be creative. We will be sharing doodles we come up with and hope that those who accept the challenge will share theirs, too. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager


I was able to print the list, but not any of the doodles. Am I missing something?


Will we be able to post pictures of our doodles to inspire others? hint hint I’m sure I’ll be inspired LOL

Yes, Tammie. You have options: You can post your pictures here in the comments; post them to your facebook page or instagram account, or email them to betsey.langford@americanquilter.com. When you post to facebook and instagram, please use the hashtag #365daydoodlechallenge. That way we can all search and find everyone’s doodles. Thanks! It’s going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager


I got all 365 words to download but can’t open anything,, it would be great to have a starting design from this, each day, instead of us figuring it out ourselves! Is this possible?? Looking forward to it, if you start out with a design and we build on it!!


The way I read it is that you print out the PDF of names and then it is up to you to create a doodle not that the doodle was being done for you. It is to challenge your brain and hand coordination. I think.

Yes, Marion, that’s it. Will you join the challenge?


Goodness! Let’s think outside the box! There are three hundred and sixty-five prompts listed. That’s an incredible number! I LOVE the idea of coming up with my own designs. I doodle occasionally, but never thought of a continuous line or how my doodles could become a quilting pattern. That kind of blew my mind. 🙂 However, after reading comments, for one to get annoyed with someone for so generously sharing a challenge is ridiculous. I read through the instructions and it was pretty clear this is a list of “prompts,” not actual doodles to copy. If you don’t like the… Read more »

I still have been unable to download any designs from this 365 day doodle challenge. Only the 6 pages of titles downloads. Did I miss some explanation somewhere? Please respond as I would very much like to increase my skills and learn new designs for quilting. Thank you very much.

Just downloaded the PDF there is on an index, however unable to see the doodles.


Might be nice if you would think of another word, provide that word and show us how you interpret it with a doodle. That might kick start our right brains 😉

Hi everyone, like some I was expecting to have doodles provided. However, I think this will be a better challenge and one that I can apply to several of the quilts that need quilting. Reminds me of a workshop I took several years ago on how to develop the sides of the brain. Since I tend to be a bit more analytical, it was my right side that needed to be worked on and I was told to listen to the style of music not in my general appreciation level.(County Western LOL). I like this idea and will want to… Read more »

[…] for the daily doodles come from a 365 Day Doodle challenge set up by Betsey Langford from the American Quilter’s Society. Betsey has set us the challenge of drawing once a day with a continuous line, JUST LIKE […]

Hello Betsey!
Thank you for this doodle challenge! I am really having fun with coming up with designs. On my blog I am sharing my first 9 “words”. I am using the hashtag #365daydoodlechallenge on Instagram, but also the #aqsdoodles so we can find each other more easily.
Bye bye