Exclusive for AQS Members: 30 Days of Beetles


There’s a new 30 Day series starting exclusively for AQS members!

For the next 30 days, we’re celebrating the largest order in the entire animal kingdom: Coleoptera, otherwise known as beetles! Beetles make up 30 percent of all animals, and 40 percent of all known insects, roughly 400,000 species. The name Coleoptera come from the Greek words “koleos” and “pteron” which mean sheathed and wing respectively, describing the two sets of wings common to all adult beetles, an inner wing used for flying, and an outer, harder wing which protects the body. Beetles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and it was so hard to pick just 30, but we found the crown jewels of beetles just for you.

Click Here for beetles!

For our blog readers, we have a free beetle for you to enjoy. Click Here to download the pattern. Use it to applique or embroider.

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