25 Ohio Star Quilting Designs


At a loss for what to quilt where? Take a look at 25 Ohio Star blocks each design offering a different look. Mix and match to make it your own!

 Stitching in the ditch with a few accent lines keeps the block simple, but with a strong visual interest.

Additional star points add grandeur to the blocks. 

 Echo quilting adds dimension to the block.

Curves and lines make a striking combination. 

Simple curves running point-to-point along the seams dress a block up. 

 Quarter inch quilting on background patches makes the main fabrics stand out.

 Use straight lines to highlight the star.

 Hide circles behind key areas in the block to create depth and interest.

 Tiny circles pull the eye from one area to another while adding something special to this block.

 Direction quilting adds visual interest. Change directions from block to block.

 Use straight lines to contain the block elements and keep the eye moved around the block.

Frame pretty petals for an elegant approach.

 These circles dance around rigid shapes.

Use directional lines to create visual interest. 

 When looking for shapes, look in your piecing template collection for inspiration.

This design lets the background fabric sing. 

 Double lines add drama.

 A popular classic.

 The combination of quarter inch quilting and curved lines freshen the traditional look.

 Create focus with dramatic crosshatching.

 Mix petals with a simple motif to add interest without a lot of extra work.

Mimic shapes used in the block in the background areas. 

Divide spaces and quarter inch. 

 Add facing curls to go from simple to fancy.

 Have fun with quilting. Play with a common theme like tic-tac-toe.

Looking for more inspiration? Try other blocks in our 25 Quilting Designs Per Block Series.

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I’m loving all these quilting suggestions so please keep them coming! So much inspiration! Thanks so much!

This is wonderful!


Thank you, these are lovely.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. These have been such a great resource for me! Sometimes quilter’s block is the hardest part of getting a quilt done. Now I have pages I can look over and choose from so many great ideas. Stress-free quilting!


Wonderful….I’ll be adding these to my “How to Quilt this” idea book.

Margaret Ellington

I can’t wait to have all of the blocks. Peg/Margaret Ellington

Marla Brown

I’m not seeing a “Print friendly” button? Thanks…

Christina Waister

Would you also quilt in the ditch as well as quilting the accent lines, thank you. I am new to quilting so am not sure about this. Thamk you

Great question, Christina! Stitch in the ditch is awesome at making the outlined shape stand out. So it would depend on the quilt design, but yes, most of these would be enhanced with some stitch in the ditch for emphasis, probably around the star shape. Happy making! -Emily

These are really good designs and they are really cool


I have been making quilts off and on for many years. I love the look and design of the quilts I see. There are some I would like to try. But I am curious….Are there any cutting instructions for the dimensions of the patterns, measurements, etc. you will post as a guide? As long as I have been sewing, especially with new patterns, I like to have a base of where I can start and make adjustments as needed. Thanks!!