25 Hourglass Block Quilting Designs


Looking for quilting ideas? Here are 25 great ways to quilt an Hourglass quit block!

Straight line mazes are amazing! 

These straight lines pull the eye to the middle of the block. 

 Narrow lines accent the larger lined areas. 

 In a side by side pattern, these lines create squares.

This curved line design also makes a nice all-over design. 

 Place geometric shapes inside larger shapes to divide spaces.

The floating triangles use the outer line as a foundation. 

Little scallops are fast and easy while adding a delicate touch. 

 The lines focus all the attention on the triangle sections.

Petals add curves to straight piecing and are easy to mark with templates. 

 Mixing lines to create shapes gives quilting interest.

This framed flower creates unity for a block. 

You can use hearts or any motif that fits your quilt. The open triangles showcase pretty fabric. 

 With alternating Hourglass blocks, these triangles will tumble.

 Use a traditional fill like scallops for texture.

A classic. Simplify this pattern by leaving out the floating triangles. 

 The straight lines at the edge of this pattern help frame the block, while the curved lines offer a touch of style.

Floating square frames create a rigid all-over design. 

This pattern is fun to execute and works great on its own or as an all-over design. 

 Short straight lines break up this block in a visually striking way.

Floating curlicues offer simple curved lines to each section of this block.

Move the curlicues on an angle for a different look. 

 Connect squares for a playful quilt design.

This classic combines easy quilting with curved lines and the standard quartering techniques. 

Put a frame on point to focus on the center of the block. 

Looking for more fun patchwork quilting ideas? Try our 25 Nine Patch Blocks.

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Thank for ideas

Elizabeth Dicrescenzo

Lots of great ideas!


Sooo many great designs for me to try, Thanks