25 Flying Geese Quilting Designs


Looking for quilting ideas? Here are 25 great ways to quilt a Flying Geese block!

 Straight lines in the background push the triangle shapes forward.

 Run curved lines from point to point for this traditional look.

 The curved lines in the triangle contrast the straight lines of the block.

Add a simple grid to the background. 

Straight lines push the triangles into the background. 

 Directional lines echo the triangle shape.

 Play with the corners of Flying Geese to add interest,

The main triangle shape is repeated at a distance for effect.

Use quilting to highlight the spinning nature of the block. 

 Add petals to the background to soften the strong lines of the block.

The repeated floral shape creates continuity. 

 A great design to make with a walking foot.

 Use curved lines to mimic straight lines.

 Vary the distance between lines to create focus.

Arrow patterns are a natural choice for Flying Geese. 

Curly Q’s soften the strong lines of the Flying Geese block. 

Divide shapes to create clean fill in open spaces. 

 Extend the shapes into the next area by allowing the tips of the triangles to go into the next triangle.

Fill the main shape with echos that meet in the corners. 

Extended triangles add geometry to the block. 

Echo with a simple curved line.

Isolate the tip of the main triangles with a square shape. 

Curved outlines meet to make a pretty flower. 

 Create a strong statement by following the main design of the block.

 Great choice to show off the main triangle fabric.

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Great ideas for triangles. I’m always needing new ideas for these.

Linda Ahn

Do you have something like this for Churn Dash?

Deborah Heeps

They look great, but how do you quilt them, please show continuous line of stitching.