25 Churn Dash Block Quilting Designs


Looking for quilting ideas? Here are 25 great ways to quilt a Churn Dash!

Fill the Churn Dash design with straight line quilting to enhance the negative space of the background. 

 Dress the block up with curved lines.

 Use straight line symmetry. Easy work for a walking foot.

 Create a bit of whimsy with well-placed curls.

Use curved lines to soften the frame of the block. 

Keep it traditional with simple shapes. 

 Decorate the block with pretty petals.

 Make the Churn Dash design stand out by crosshatching the background.

 Create this fun all-over design.

These circles pop offering a nice contrast to the straight lines of the Churn Dash design.

Put two classics together to create an intricate design.

Use straight-line shapes to add interest. 

 Use repeated lines to draw the eye in.

 Clamshells encircle this Churn Dash, adding interest and texture.

 Use circles to create modern look for this classic block.

Quarter inch frames highlight the geometry of the block. 

 Stay out of the ditch with soft curves jumping from point to point.

 Sometimes simple and bold is best.

 Use mazes to fill empty background space for an amazing block!

 Switch the direction of the background quilting in side-by-side blocks.

 A traditional favorite, but always effective.

Small parallel accent lines highlight fun flowers.

 Use quilting to create layers and dimension.

The mix of curved crosshatching and straight lines frames the Churn Dash block well. 

Partially frame the background with repeated lines. 

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Thank you..just what I needed as I’m making am style bag with churn dash blocks and there lots of ideas here I can use.
I’m a very new member and a newbie quilter too, and I am loving the ideas, hints, tips and inspirational quilt photos on AQS. Thanks, Ann, Hampshire, England.

Karla S Dykes

Do you offer these patterns in PDF format? I don’t have a printer and I forget where I place them in my bookmarks. (old age) haha

Thanks!,I found many to use on some of the quilts I’m working on.

Thanks! Wonderful ideas quilts!