2020 Creative Organizer – March


March has arrived and we’re ready to put the 2020 Creative Organizer to work! In case you missed it, here are all the pages you need to start the year off right.

Download and print the file below for an entire year of organizing your creative fun.

2020 creative organizer planner
Click Here to download part 1 of your 2020 Creative Organizer calendar pages.
Click Here to download part 2 of your 2020 Creative Organizer calendar pages.
Visit the main post for Project pages, UFO Review, Machine Maintenance, and Quilting Record pages.
Grab the January Creative Organizer Pages here, and the February Creative Organizer Pages here.

March Creative Organizer

This month, we’re carving out some creative time for ourselves.
Click Here to download the March Creative Organizer pages.
Print the worksheets to include in your planner:

Creative Habits

Creative habits are activities we repeat which engage our imagination. Some creative habits produce mental, emotional, and even spiritual effects in our lives. Other creative habits have the added benefit of also resulting in physical products… like quilts!

The most important thing every creative habit requires is time. Luckily, a small chunk of time can have big benefits.

march creative organizer

Use the Creative Habits page any way you like. Try a habit tracker to track multiple habits. Create a schedule if finding the time is a particular challenge for you. Use the space for idle doodling, idea capturing, and ingenious inspirations.

Don’t Quit Your Daydream

The most powerful creative habit available to us is one we sometimes discourage as adults: daydreaming. We widely accept that playing pretend and daydreaming is essential to a child’s healthy growth and development. More and more studies show it is also beneficial to adults.

When we daydream during an important task, it causes guilt and anxiety that cancels out the benefits of daydreaming. By setting aside even just five minutes a day for guilt-free daydreaming, you empower yourself to tap into the creative benefits.

march creative organizer

Preparing for and practicing daydreaming may sound counterproductive to creativity, but it builds confidence in yourself and in your creative process. And remember, the best part of a daydream is not knowing where you’ll end up. Therefore, if you show up to daydream time ready to follow your fancies wherever they go, you’ll never go astray.

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