2020 Creative Organizer – June


June has arrived and we’re ready to put the 2020 Creative Organizer to work! In case you missed it, here are all the pages you need to start the year off right.

Download and print the file below for an entire year of organizing your creative fun.

2020 creative organizer planner
Click Here to download part 1 of your 2020 Creative Organizer calendar pages.
Click Here to download part 2 of your 2020 Creative Organizer calendar pages.
Visit the main post for Project pages, UFO Review, Machine Maintenance, and Quilting Record pages.
Grab the January Creative Organizer Pages here, the February Creative Organizer Pages here, the March Creative Organizer Pages here, the April Creative Organizer Pages here, and the May Creative Organizer Pages here.

June Creative Organizer

This month, we are fostering our creativity with fodder fabric.
Click Here to download the June Creative Organizer pages.
Print the worksheet to include in your planner.

Fodder Fabric

Artists use newsprint, a cheap and thin paper, to practice drawings. Apparel makers often construct a garment from muslin first. We can borrow this idea as quilters with fodder fabric. This can be any woven fabric of a similar weight to quilting cotton.

Follow the guidance on the worksheet to create your fodder fabric stash. Then you can reach for this fabric the next time you try a new technique or want to practice a tricky bit of piecing. You can reach for this fabric with confidence and no hang-ups about “wasting” the good fabric. Learn, play, make mistakes, and enjoy!

Show off your progress, connect with other quilters, get ideas, motivation and more!

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