2017 Craft & Project Creative Organizer: Month-By-Month




2017 is here and we can’t wait to get the fun started!

Organizing creativity isn’t always easy. We thought we’d give you a hand with these handy download printable pages. Perfect for a three-ring binder, collect them, print as many as you need, and use them to make your year more creative than ever!  Here you will find every month’s printable pages full of help and creativity to make 2017 your craftiest year yet!


Click here to get the whole creative organizer up to the current month.




2017 Creative Organizer: January UFO Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: February Bullet List Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: March Stash & Studio Organizer Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: April Note Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: May Quilting Motif, Line Work, and Record Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: June Binding List & Finish Label Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: July Easy Block Design Pages



2017 Creative Organizer: August Half Square Triangle Counter Pages


2017 Creative Organizer: September Maintenance Record & Holiday Gift Guide Pages


2017 Creative Organizer – October Quilting Contacts & Products to Try Pages


2017 Creative Organizer – November Recipe and Quilting Treats Pages


2017 Creative Organizer – December Year in Review & Year in Preview Pages

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Jane Shelton

I love this planner. When can we expect April’s pages?

Hi Jane, The April pages are up! They are posted the first Wednesday of each month. Enjoy! Betsey

Kathy Wright

These look like they would be very useful but getting the pdfs to download is way too aggravating. I’ve never seen such a convoluted way to download simple pdf files. I’ve tried two different browsers and have the same issue. I’m giving up and using what I have.

Hi Kathy, I emailed the pdfs to you. I’m sorry you had issues trying to download them. It may help to update to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Hope this helps. If not let us know and we are happy to email them to you. Thanks, Betsey


Hello, I don’t have any pages for March and can’t find them. Can you tell me where they are.
Thanks. Elaine

Hi Elaine, March has been added. Sorry for the omission. Thanks, Betsey


Hello – I found your planner very useful and was wondering if the rest of 2017 has been uploaded . . . . thanks!

Hi Sheryl, The first Wednesday of each month new planner pages are added. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss them! Thanks, Betsey


Thank you Betsey ? Have a great week!

Camille Davies

Good Afternoon: FYI…….. The write up for July begins the same as for June, talking about bindings and borders. Is that correct? Thanks for looking into this…………….Camille

Great catch Camille! Thanks for the heads up. All fixed. Thanks, Betsey


Hi, are you going to have a new Creative Organizer for 2018?

Hi Conny, Yes, we will be doing a Creative Organizer for 2018. Look for the announcement in the 1/3 OnPoint or here on the blog 1/1/2018. Thanks, Betsey


Hi, just had a thought, maybe just do one without a year on the pages, therefore, can be used for any year. and use different colors fabrics per month, like a color wheel. Creating a perpetual calendar for any year.