Welcome to this year’s 2016 Christmas Countdown Kickoff!


Last year we began an annual series counting off the days to Christmas with a quilt block pattern. If you missed out, you can take a peek here!

This year we continue the tradition with 25 new blocks! Add your favorites to last year’s stash or pick one of our fun layouts revealed at the end.

Share your progress using #AQS2016ChristmasCountdown – We will be!!!

Click on the links below for each day’s new block:


12-1: Day One

12-2: Day Two

12-3: Day Three

12-4: Day Four

12-5: Day Five

12-6: Day Six

12-7: Day Seven

12-8: Day Eight

12-9: Day Nine

12-10: Day Ten

12-11: Day Eleven

12-12: Day Twelve

12-13: Day Thirteen

12-14: Day Fourteen

12-15: Day Fifteen

12-16: Day Sixteen

12-17: Day Seventeen

12-18: Day Eighteen

12-19: Day Nineteen

12-20: Day Twenty

12-21: Day Twenty-one

12-22: Day Twenty-two

12-23: Day Twenty – three

12-24: Day Twenty-four

Merry Christmas! Day Twenty-five

Single Sashing Quilt Version


Fabric Requirements:

4″ x 4″ blocks

Blocks –

White – 1 yard

Red – 3/4 yard

Pick your preferred finishing method or do something completely different. Your choice! The samples for finishing projects will be revealed as the days are completed.


37″ x 37″ quilt

Setting fabrics –

White – 1 1/4 yard

Red – 1/4 yard

Cutting Instructions –

60 – 3″ x 4 1/2″ white rectangles

36 – 3″ x 3″ white squares

4 wof strips – 1 1/2″ outer border

36 – 2″ finished circles

Download instructions for the quilt here.



18″ x 68″ wallhanging


Download instructions for the wallhanging here.


Need templates for hand piecing or EPP? We’ve made some for you. Please remember, no seam allowances included.

Miss last year’s Countdown? Catch the 2015 AQS Christmas Coundown

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I can’t open day two on the Christmas countdown



Thank you for starting this little project, hopefully I will be able to keep up and work along with you. What a good idea to help keep the stress at bay in this beautiful Advent/Christmas season.


I’ve finally found you. Hopefully I can play along this year. Thanks!


I’m ready for day 3, however, it is not lit up to access. Should I be accessing this through another page?

Hi Cindy. Day three starts on 12/3. I believe Betsey is going to release it late this afternoon so it is available on time.


It is after 5 pm eastern time, 12/5. I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I didn’t expect you to have this problem. . ?


Great. So after I posted, i checked and it was there. Sorry.

Wayne Miller

eating anxiously for block six

Cannot access day 6 …. help, I’m hooked!


Loving these! Thanks!

I’m here hoping to catch-up and keep up. Our adult daughter was here and saw me starting day 1 on Monday. “Cool Mom, you’re only 5 days behind!” :p


Loving these little blocks . Thanks

Sue Pontifex

Are the circle blocks a day? I’m snowed in and my thought was to piece the blocks during the day and appliqué the circles at night in front of the tv.
Thanks! Loving this.

Hi, Just got to this lovely mini quilt. I’ve read over a few of the patterns and some of them don’t have measurements. What do we use? Thanks, Jane

Barbara Quigley

When I try to download the patterns I can only SAVE them I cannot print them, is somethimng wrong?B

Hi Barbara, Once you have saved the PDF to your computer, it should print. Check your printer settings to see if everything is ok there. If you continue to have problems, we can try emailing a PDF to you. Let me know if you would like to try that option. My email address is sylvia.thomas@americanquilter.com. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Laura Nichols

Thank you so much for doing all this hard work! They are beautiful blocks and I’m so excited to make a quilt with them. I know, from experience, how frustrating and disheartening it is when you do so much work and give that work away for free, but the only feedback you get is complaints, so I just wanted to tell you that you’ve done a wonderful job and it’s awesome that you are willing to hand it all out for free!


Thank you for this. I have done the blocks using red for the odd numbers and green for the even nunbers. Can’t wait to finish it and see how it looks.

Cynthia Prewitt

I am enjoying the challenge of the block of the day, but am finding the instructions on putting the blocks together “somewhat lacking”. Am ending up having to trying to figure it out by trial and error.

Juleen Jaeger

Merry Christmas, Betsey! I love this quilt. It’s nice to work on something small for a change. The blocks are easy and the templates help. Thank you for sharing all of this.


Thank you and Merry Chtistmas

Jenny Owens

I’m finally out of school for Christmas Break so I can devote more time to this. I’m hoping to get caught up by Friday. Wish me luck! Thank you for sharing this beautiful project! I’m planning to try a larger-scale version for a Spring project.

I tried to contact you via email but got a failure notice that the email address betseylangford@americanquilter.com is not valid.

Can you give me more instruction on the Day 13 block? I’m only cutting the 2 1/4″ squares into the quarter square triangles, correct? Am I cutting the 2″ squares into half triangles? They are to be the center, correct? How do I piece the quarter square triangles for the outside area? Help! Lol!

Thank you for your assistance!


Disregard! I think I figured it out! Never fails…once I ask for help, it all falls into place! Thank you!

Sue Horton

Would it be permissible to share these blocks with my quilt guild? Thanks

Hi Sue, Yes! We would love to see your guild participate in this project! Please remember to share your blocks with the hashtag #AQS2016ChristmasCountdown. Have fun! ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Is it my imagination or do the blocks become harder as you go along? Will these be available after the holiday rush when we can think and breath again?
The red and white is drawing me in.
Thank you for sharing


Maybe it is my Christmas stress, but I do not see red in the cutting directions. Or I missed it somehow, or my brain is mush.


Where is the Dec. 24th block?


Where is today’s block 12-24-16


Hi Betsey,

The link for the 24th is not showing blue to open it today. Is there another way to get the pattern for the 24th?

Thanks for the beautiful patterns and the great fun of this project. Have a very Merry Christmas.


Thank you for sharing this countdown — it really adds some fun to the holiday, and we’ll enjoy the finished product in future years as well! Do you have a setting suggestion for the 13×50 wallhanging version? Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!


when will day twenty four be releasd

[…] 24, 2016 adminss Leave a comment I saw this clever wall hanging with 25 blocks in red and white to make in December. Of course, I forgot about it until yesterday and decided I was […]

Debbra Waguespack

Great Quilt! but I cannot print “Day Seven”. Can someone send me a copy? Thanks a bunch. Dstanled@aol.com


I did it! All the blocks are done! ???

Now to get busy on all those circles….

Thanks again for hosting such an amazing countdown and providing beautiful patterns to us.


Hi Betsey,

I too made it. Finished this morning that block #25. It was a fun challenge to end the blocks! Thank you for giving us some fun during the busy days of Christmas. I’ll post a picture on FB.

Hi Betsey,
I know I am very late starting this, lol. But, better late then never. Can you tell me how much fabric it takes to make all the blocks?

Linda Derryberry

Thank you for another beautiful quilt! I’m still embroidering last year’s quilt, but plan on cutting this one out and doing this one on the machine! I might actually finish in a year that way. This is a fun treat for us and we really appreciate your imagination and help. Happy New Year, everyone! Happy Quilting!

Wayne Miller

just finished 2015 blocks and now onto 2016. then make the quilt