July 17, 2012
Watch Bonnie Browning interview Sherry Reynolds, winner of the  Best Machine Workmanship Award at the 2012 Lancaster AQS Quilt Show & Contest. Sherry made her quilt on a home machine. Learn how she designed this beautiful quilt and how she pieced the triangle circles. Pick up tips on quilting on a home machine too.
A Grandmother's Fan quilt plays an integral role in The Basement Quilt by Ann W. Hazelwood. One might even say that the quilt is a character in the book.
Ann W.  Hazelwood, the author of the new AQS fiction book The Basement Quilt, began her quilting career in 1970 by producing a line of patchwork items called “Patches, etc.” In 1979, her home-based business became brick and mortar on Main Street in Historic St. Charles, Missouri. By 1984, Ann had opened the Patches Craft...