2012 AQS Quilt Show Flash Mob


The 28th Annual AQS Quilt Show was opened today with the largest AQS Quilt Show Flash Mob. The Paducah Tilghman High School Drum Corps led the way as the Quilters on Parade showed off their quilts.

Nearly 400 quilters gathered at the Food Tent just before 9 a.m., and when a few rain drops made an appearance, Show Director Bonnie Browning called the Drum Corps into action. The entire group marched into the Paducah Expo Center, turned right inside the exhibit hall and marched around the perimeter of the room before exiting.

Vendors grabbed their cameras, and some started a cheer:  P – A – D – U – C – A – H… what’s it spell? PADUCAH!

But the Drum Corps wasn’t finished yet – they stopped in the street and entertained the quilters who were outside waiting to enter the show. What a fun way to kick off the 28th Annual AQS Quilt Show!

Thank you to Band Director Patrick Saddler and the Paducah Tilghman High School Drum Corps, Quilt Man and Bobbin Boy, and to all of the quilters who made this the best AQS Quilt Show Flash Mob to date!

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Rosalie Cooke

You might want to check out the definition of a flash mob. A parade is a different animal. This wasn’t a flash mob. I was looking forward to one though–people coming out of the crowd singing and/or playing or even showing quilts by surprise.


Yes, this wasn’t a flash mob (by the current definition) at all, but simply a sudden crowd. I do believe that any of the Corps could have provided not just the definition, but seems they could have done the choreography, too! Well done, kids!
Looks as if Quilt Man and Bobbin Boy should have been given more screen time – roller skates!! Those 2 leading the Corps (and other enthusiastic attendees) in a true flash mob would have been a spectacular sight!

Here’s a definition for you: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob#_


Agreed. Though this was entertaining, it wasn’t a flash mob.

Bonnie Browning

>Rosalie: Quilters sing with their quilts. This is our version of a flash mob… and we did have a drum corps for our music.

Wonderful! A big high five to Bonnie Browning. Can’t wait for the next show in GR.

Mary Smith

Flash mob or not, that was great! What a way to get people psyched up. Wish I could have been there!


Hi, You are using the phrase Flash Mob incorrectly. This is a Parade. Maybe next year the ladies could hide their small quilts in their clothes and go to the food court. When the band shows up, they could stand up one by one, singing Follow Me. As each one joins in the singing, they could pull out and hold up their quilts and then they could all march out behind the band. Sort of like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXh7JR9oKVE

Barb Nickelson

Perhaps not the traditional “flash mob”, but it was certainly a delightful way to open the quilt show to the public! It was much better than just having someone open the doors to the crowd. Being part of it was great fun, and everyone loved the participation of the vendors as we circled the exhibit hall. AQS, thank you for a wonderful event!


I was there, it wasn’t a sudden mob. We were all standing there waiting on them to open the doors. The kids in the band were GREAT! But that noise in that very small confind space was terrible. Also, we had to wait until both the band and all of the people behind the band came through and went around inside and came back out. The ladies that came out wanted to stay at the openings. It did not go over well. It’s nice to do something different but this wasn’t thought all of the way through.


Such a joy to see so many people enthuised about an art that is worldwide.

Jay Staten

What ever you call it, it was a fabulous way to open the Quilt Show. Full of fun, laughs, great drums, and the quilts (love the kite) were wonderful. I’m sorry I missed it. Kudos to all the AQS gang and the band. Keeps us all young!


iit was great fun for all of us who did it who carries if we fit the definition of a flash mob. Thoses who are making commentes were not there we had fun and that’s what is important .