June 30, 2010
Get the pattern here. “Quilting became my source of comfort and stability in a vagabond life––created by numerous job transfers––of new places, people, and friends,” Marla Shares. The challenges involved in the journey from her first simple quilt to designing and creating complex designs like Borealis have defined Marla as an artist. E-mail:
Get the pattern here. Making quilts is both soul food and sanity for Katy, who lives in Seward, Nebraska. A mortgage loan administrator by day, she spends weekends and vacations teaching and lecturing. She likes to keep her quilt designs unpredictable by using multiple techniques, hidden elements, and diverse styles.
If you enjoy this coaster pattern from Geesje Baron & Esther Vermeer, then you will love their book 3-D Folded Blocks.