15 Quilt Embellishing Tips


Wondering how to add that special touch to your latest quilt? Browse through our quilt embellishing tips to find the perfect addition to your latest project.

If your project needs a little pop, try adding some embroidery stitches. A few well placed stitches can bring out a detail or create movement.

Beads are a great way to add a little color variety, catch the light, or create dimension. If a project is looking particularly flat, add a few beads. There are many ways to apply beads, pick a few and play!

Give your project some dimension and additional framing with piping. You can add it to binding, borders, sashing, or even blocks! Piping is a great way to add a thin line of color.

Wishing for the perfect color of fabric, or can’t find a green and purple polka dot in just the right shades? Don’t hesitate to take the brush in your hand and create a solution. Paint away any problems or open the door to creativity!

A bit of fabric folded together and sewn into a quilt adds detail, interest, and texture. Fold to create a focal point or give your flat fabric a new life!

Need to add a little visual noise to an area of your quilt? Grab a Pigma pen and get to writing. Maybe it’s a special poem you want to work into a wedding quilt or family names on a wallhanging. Whatever the project, words might work. You can hand write the words or make the letters out of fabric for a bigger statement.

Want to sew some crazy thread on your quilt, but can’t figure out how to thread it through the machine? Put it in the bobbin and have fun! From sparkles to fuzzies, you’d be amazed how easy it is to sew upside down.

Create a bolder statement by couching a twisted cord onto your project. Draw secondary designs between your blocks with cording and couch it in place.

Looking for a way to brighten a fabric or play with a design? Try stamping a repeated pattern over different fabrics in similar locations on your quilt.

Ruffle up a ribbon and turn it into a rose for the perfect accent. Want to weave? Grab some ribbons, tack them to your sashing or border and start creating a pattern. Weave in more ribbons to add just the right touch of pizzazz!

Let your bling out! Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle. When you want your quilt to dance, nothing gets it moving like crystals. 

Create texture and movement by sewing over your fabric using your thread as paint. Subtle changes in thread color can transform a project from flat to fabulous!

Looking for a fun way to give your quilt a little home charm? Grab a jar of buttons and start stitching. Buttons can be placed in exact symmetrical locations for accent or they can be generously applied in random locations on your quilt to create interest and intrigue.

When things are too quite, turn up the volume with by Zentangling a few elements in your blocks or give that tiny inner border some zip with your drawn designs.

Don’t stop there! Keep up the embellishing fun with rickrack, lace, and more. The key to artful embellishment is to go beyond the obvious and reach for the unexpected. Spend a few days trying this fun exercise, whenever you pick something up, ask yourself, can I put this on my quilt. Sure, chili dogs might not be a good choice, but you never know, that bottle cap might be just what you are looking for!

My Quilt Story Project

Embellishment is perfect for your Quilt Story project. As you begin to piece the different parts of this project together, collect items you want to include on the top. 

Think of your quilt as a scrapbook or journal, a place where you can save and display all your quilting journey mementos.

Want to catch up on the rest of the project? Here are the details:

Between now and Fall Paducah in September, we invite you on a special creative adventure. Each week we will offer you ideas, techniques, blocks, and embellishments to help you tell your quilt story in stitches. 

If you didn’t catch the beginning of the project, visit here for the quilt story worksheet.

Did you remake your first block? You can find some help here.

Have you decided on the monuments representing the moments that changed your quilt story? Here’s a look at how to start.

Are you building your town? See how we built a building.

Have you created a quilting garden? See some sample blocks here.

What quilt construction techniques have you learned along your journey? Take a look at our list.

Want to add some memorabilia? Take a look at our quilt blocks great for showing off your favorite quilting pins.

Do you have special people who filled your quilting heart through the years? Here’s an idea to include them in your quilt.

Do you have special fabric collections you’ve been saving for years and want to include with a special commemorative block? Take a look at our Original Memory Collage Block!

What about those orphan blocks from past projects, inherited blocks that haven’t found a home? Turn your forsaken & forgotten blocks into treasures.

Have you noticed your color selections for your quilts change through the years? Record your color history by creating a block to display your color preferences through your quilting journey.

Add a map block to your quilt story project. Maybe it’s a place that inspires you or holds dear memories of quilting friends.

Keep a count of your quilt projects on your Quilt Story quilt.

 Make a family tree of life block.

As you move toward putting your quilt story quilt together, collect ideas, fabrics, and blocks to help fill the gaps in your quilt. 



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