12 Cheerful Spring Quilts


Spring has sprung! It’s a time for epic cleaning, garden tending, and changing out of heavy winter quilts for light, cheerful spring quilts. It can be hard to find time for quilting as the outdoor world comes to life, so we’ve put together a list of quilts that are light and quick. Lots of throws and even a few baby quilts perfect for wrapping around your shoulders while sitting outside in the still-brisk spring evening air.

spring quilts 

à la Gingham Picnic

60″ x 60″

Make a gingham-inspired quilt in classic picnic red, or Dorothy blue.

Half Framed Four Patch

Half Framed Four Patch

60″ x 60″

Use a couple of your favorite 2 1/2″ strip rolls to make this fun quilt.

Casting Shade

72″ x 98″

Create a springtime illusion using 10″ precut squares.

spring quilts 

Bento Box Illusion

48″ x 48″

Play with illusions while making this hypnotizing quilt.

spring quilts

Nine to Five

72″ x 72″

Get to work making this one-block quilt!

spring quilts


72″ x 76″

Get swept up in this 2 1/2″-strip friendly quilt.

spring quilts


53 1/2″ x 54″

Pay tribute to modern abstract artist Josef Albers making this quilt in solids, or showcase that print that’s just too pretty to cut up.

log cabin

Spring Baby Log Cabin Quilt

38″ x 38″

This log cabin flies together with precut 2 1/2″ strips.

Millennial Wallpaper

63″ x 63″

Enjoy the secondary pattern created by two simple blocks.

spring quilts

Baby Stripes

43″ x 43″

Make your own stripes for this cheerful quilt.

spring quilts

Baby Boxes

42″ x 42″

Get out of the box, and then back in the box with this optical illusion quilt.

Rainbow Rails

74″ x 92″

Use your favorite 2 1/2″ strip roll, or take advantage of ombre fabrics to make this rail quilt.

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