Tell Us About Your Bobbins!


Take a moment and share your thoughts on bobbins with us. Be sure to come back next week to see what we learned!


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I’m frustrated of using standard methods of bobbin trays and donuts, because threads still come loose and get tangled.


Didn’t like the prewound caradboard bobbins when trying the prewound bobbins.


When quilting with my longarm, my bobbins get very warm. Does this affect anything?

Karen W

Like many, I have had mixed results with pre-wound bobbins, the brand does seem to make a difference & ‘Bobbin Genies’ can help. As to preventing loose threads from bobbins (regardless of how they are stored), about 10 years ago I started making my own ‘bobbin keepers’ by cutting slices from a 1/2″ – 3/4″ clear vinyl tubing. I split the tubing open a few inches & then mark the width lines & cut w/ a sturdy pair of scissors, The slices are cut just wide enough to fit between the top & bottom ‘flanges’; they wrap around & hold… Read more »

I have done this same method for years. I love this idea, it works so well. Great minds think a like.

Is there a difference in Class 15 bobbins? Some machines seem to require their own brand.


Kinda, you should get the brand of bobbins for the brand of machine. Then you know they will fit. Some like babylock are blueish to help with the low thread indicator. Prewound ones are my exception.